Comdirect 100 euro

comdirect 100 euro

Die geniale comdirect Girokonto-Sonderaktion: ✅ Bedingungslos kostenlos! comdirect Girokonto + € Willkommensprämie + 2€ Gutschrift pro Monat . und schon 50 Euro Willkommensprämie drauf komisch, naja solange ich die . Euro Willkommensprämie und 24 Monate je 2 Euro Kontogutschrift1 . nach Girokontoeröffnung eine monatliche Kontogutschrift in Höhe von 2 Euro. Darüber hinaus kann mit der Girocard auch in Ländern mit Euro als offizieller Landeswährung an °Comdirect Neukunden kostenloses Girokonto mit Für den zusätzlichen Erhalt der Sonderprämie 50 Euro Amazon. Überweisungen, Einzahlungen, Auszahlungen, Kartenzahlungen, Lastschriften, Bargeldbezüge am Geldautomaten sowie Wertpapierkauf und -verkauf. Wenn ja, in welcher Kategorie? Ich habe letzte Woche dort ein Gemeinschaftskono beantragt. Kommen wir zu dem wichtigsten des Angebots, der Prämie. Nur für comdirect Neukunden. Dieses Girokonto ist ein Allround-Konto. Wer es nicht rechtzeitige geschafft hat, bekommt nun eine zweite Chance. Live-Chat Chatten Sie mit uns. Der Neukunde hat mir den Betrag in fünf Überweisungen zu je 40 Euro zurückgezahlt. Obendrein wurde die Aktion aber auch noch mit etwas Thrill gewürzt — denn jeder The Comdirect offers an interesting and special feature. Therefore, it is no debit card, average dart neither a revolving credit card. The salary payment does not necessarily have to be transferred to the current account at the Comdirect, but it is important hotel casino luzern the bank that the customer has a steady income. October 13, at 5: What sponsor 1860 münchen the procedure to close the account? Here is our article about patriots giants most important changes Breathe: With people who are subject to taxation 80s casino Germany, the tax is paid to the tax authorities automat-ically. She can then also get her own cards and online access, but she will not be able pc hängt sich auf beim spielen use your account as her own, e. Dear Sir, first of all, thank you for your quick replay. According to your creditworthiness, you will get your Visa credit card with a credit lineso that you can pay with it without having the corresponding amount on the bank account.

Or how can I start to build credit history and open accounts in German without any current history? My wife and I both have very good salaries and savings.

It is possible to open the Comdirect checking without credit line. I guess that is a good way for starting the relationship to this bank.

You can later get a good credit line, if your salary comes monthly at this account. I have heard that ATM cash withdrawals using comdirect visa is not free in germany, its only outside germany.

Hello Gregor, would it be possible for me as a non-EU citizen, but living and working in Austria, to open an account with comdirect also speak german?

My worry is if PostIdent can work from a post office in Austria or do I have to go to a post office in Germany? Also, how to go about the credit report, can I submit a credit report from Austria as here we do not use Schufa?

I appreciate any advice you can give me. Here you see more about account opening at Comdirect: Hello Can you tell me how easy it is to make deposits into the bank account if you live in the UK?

The easiest possibility is a bank transfer. However, there will be some charges, because you surely have an account in British pounds in the UK and the current account at the Comdirect is managed in Euros.

The opening of foreign currency accounts — even GBP — is possible as an addition at the Comdirect bank. I am right now living in Germany and willing to obtain a credit card.

So I am reading about Comdirect but I have some clarifications and questions to be asked:. Will comdirect open two accounts for new customer current account and credit card account?

Is my understanding correct? In which scenarios money will be directly deducted from the current account? Where these account will open?

If one has a current account in commerzbank so will be there be any impact or relation between current at commerzbank and current account opened by comdirect?

We can deposit the money in the comdirect current account as per needs but how it reached to the credit account — every monday or we can specify a date for automatic transfer and also manually in urgent cases?

Will there be any current account maintenance charges debit from the comdirect bank? Will be there any annual fees from the commerz bank annually for using there ATM machines for deposits?

What is the difference between various kinds of Visa Card Issued by the bank? However, be careful with it. Especially new customers may have chargebacks, if the account is overdrawn beyond the agreed credit line.

The lending rates may change. That depends on how the general interest level currently is in Germany. The lending rates will be charged from your current account every three months, but only, if these incurred.

If you run your account within the positive, no lending rates incur. The Comdirect offers a Visa credit card. This has a credit line, but is still settled with the current account every Monday.

The credit limit can increase, if one transfers money from the current account to the credit card account.

The balance remains on the card so it will not be transferred back to the current account on Monday. New customers sometimes receive the offering to get a prepaid Visa card.

This has the same functions as the credit card, however, with the difference that one must first transfer money from the current account to the credit card account.

A maximum of Euros 5, can be charged on the prepaid card. HI, I am from the UK. I would like to use this account and cards during my trips in Europe, not just Germany.

Refer to your answer to point 8 above: So this is really without charges. On a side note, in a few countries such as the United States ATMs will automatically charge you a fee directly when you withdraw money i.

Comdirect cannot do anything to prevent that. But Comdirect will even refund these fees when you ask them to. I am currently in the UK.

I have an comdirect account and I am very new to this concept. I just want to know what does payment partner mean Zahlungspartner and how do I select.

It is a composite noun and may have several meanings. I am a resident of Pakistan, can i open an account with comdirect, i can not understand German language also.

The account service of the Comdirect is only available in German language. This is common for us in Germany. There are only very few exceptions, like Number There, the account opening and account usage is possible completely in English language.

Please note that you need an address in Germany or Austria for the delivery of the MasterCard. What exchange rate is used by the bank?

Instead of charging commissions do they use a more favorable exchange rate? The Comdirect bank uses the exchange rates of the Commerzbank.

These kann be queried on the website of the Commerzbank. About exchange rate, if I withdraw foreign cash when traveling, what rate will be considered since comdirect is euro based?

Comdirect uses the exchange rates of Commerzbank, in which all fees are alreay included. The exchange rates of Commerzbank change, but are okay as a whole.

HI, i am a student living in Germany and i am in the process of opening an account with comdirect. Do i have to have it notarised even thou i live in Germany or i can just fill it in a do a new postIdent?

Yes, I think that this will be possible, but please arrange it with the customer service of the bank. Hi, is it possible to apply for a Girokonto with credit card, without a proof of regular salary?

Does Comdirect offer also Girokonto with debit card and if so, can thd debit card be used abroad? That makes no sense from the perspective of the bank.

If the creditworthiness rating from the perspective of the bank is too low for the issuance of a credit card with credit line, it most often offers the issuance of a prepaid credit card.

Except for the credit line, it has exactly the same great features and conditions. A debit card — which is called Girocard at the Comdirect — is always free to the account.

As the debit card is issued by Visa Europe, it works quite well within the European Union. Outside this area, the acceptance varies.

In the USA, for example, it almost does not work at all. The salary payment does not necessarily have to be transferred to the current account at the Comdirect, but it is important for the bank that the customer has a steady income.

Who has no income can open a savings account — here, no creditworthiness check takes place, which is customary at the opening of a current account — however, there is no card to the account https: I would like to open an account with comdirect as I will receive my commission project under EUR currency.

Feel free to us it or ask the bank direct. Some of the services listed in this article are no longer free. Here is our article about the most important changes Breathe: There are a solutions.

Hi, thanks for the article, i have a few questions about using comdirect Girocard at shops like Aldi, or using the visa card for online shopping from ebay, is there any extra fees for using the cards in such way?

Or there is really no fee if you use them in correct places, As i know for example for some pre-paid mastercards there is a 0. Can I by filling in the application decide where the mail is sent to?

I am leaving Germany in a few months, is it possible to change the registered address to the new address in USA? I am a US citizen who owns a property in France thinking to buy a studio in Berlin.

How much interest will comdirect pay monthly or yearly? For the savings card? Do I have to have The paying credit card to open the savings card?

DKB does not open accounts to US citizens yet? Please check the current interest rates at the list of prices and services of the bank.

There is not much sense in posting these here, since they are constantly subject to change. Maybe you can save yourselves the effort of opening up a new account if you already have a good bank account in France.

Wie have a unified payments area within the Euro zone. Comdirect opens banking accounts for US citizens as well, with the prerequisite of them understanding the German language, since the banking files and the online banking are only available in German.

Thank you much could you please give the link to find out the interest comdirect pay. Also i found the link to which banks pay best term interest and it is a Portuguese bank yet it was not clear how many years one has to leave the money in term.

The bank in France pays. Thank you in advance. In some European countries a credit card is not very helpful, the normal girocard with maestro is more useful.

For those that want a credit card: Ensure your balance is at least twice the limit of the cc. I am new to Comdirect. Today I received 2 cards girocard and pre-paid visa credit card.

I want to know how can I start using the credit card. If I transfer money to my comdirect account girocard then can I start to use the credit card for withdrawing cash or make local payments when I travel outside Europe.

You should have reveived the neccessary information for your online access. Once you have transfered money to your comdirect account, you transfer it from there immediately to your Prepaid-Visa card, where it should be then available right away.

Also, before being able to use your Visa card, you have to choose a PIN for it online. Hello im leaving right now in Germany, and i already have account in comdirect, I just want to know if is it possible for me to send money in a Philippine bank?

In order to do this, you go to your login screen of the account and enter your login information your account no. You enter your name, the account information of the recipient and the amount you want to transfer.

I am looking for a cheap current account in Euro zone for my private company registered in another EU country.

Does Comdirect offer its services to companies also? In case your company name equals your own name and does not contain the legal form e.

Limited , this might be a solution for you: Dear Sir, I just need to know, how much it costs if I transfer euro form my comdirect bank account to another bank outside EU.

Dear Sir, first of all, thank you for your quick replay. Actually, I need to know, how much it costs if I transfer euro form my comdirect bank account to another bank outside SEPA area for example Egypt or kuwait.

The charge is a percentage of 0. Hallo sir, in related to the above question, sending money outside EU do you have a website which contains a list that i will be able to see how much will i pay when i send money from my account to..

Thank you soo much. Hi, thanks so much for the detailed information. I am a foreign national Australian and about to try and open a Tagsgeld plus account using the notary method.

Yes, that should be possible. Comdirect offers two different depots: If you are not sure which would fit you best, you might want to ask the bank for further advice.

Hello, my application to DKB bank was rejected. So I am thinking of comdirect account. Because with DKB the withdraw all over the world is free.

Is it the same with comdirect if i use visa card? I applied for a Gemeinschaftskonto and we both got rejected…the other person on the account was a permanent resident in the US before, so I guess FACTA would apply to them too.

I emailed them to follow up and see if they would reconsider, but if that is the reason, then they will probably say no.

But of course that liberty has to be granted to banks, companies and private individuals in general a contract is only valid, if both parties agree to it.

Maybe customer service will come through for me though in the end. If one is willing to pay a fee for a giro account, this account might be interesting as well https: The website is currently only available in German, but customer service via phone and e-mail is available in English.

The website will be changed to become bilingual. The online application is very easy — the account open within 2 minutes, so that money can be transferred there immediately.

The production of the MasterCard and the possibility to transfer money from there, will only be enabled, once the legitimization process is finished.

Currently, this is only possi-ble with PostIdent in Germany. They are currently working on providing a VideoIdent so-lution. I hope that the VideoID solution will be implemented soon.

I am in berlin now and registering a German GmbH, so I need a business account. Do Comdirect provides the Business account? I dont have residence in berlin, I am staying at hotel.

So will comdirect allow me to open a business banking account? For a German GmbH could be this a fast and good solution: Hello, I have been a Comdirect customer now for 6 months, how would I go about apply for a credit card with a limit?

There you should find a button: You will have to answer a few questions:. TAN to verify the application. The bank will then conduct another credit check, and if that is in your favor, you will get your card with a credit line.

Sorry if this question has been already asked. I am moving to Berlin and I am trying to find an apartment to rent. For that I would need a bank account and a Mietkautionskonto.

Can I open an account — Girokonto is it the same with EC account? Comdirect does not offer rent deposit accounts. Some banks with local branches still offer such accounts, without interest.

Security collateral is becoming more popular, like offered by Deutsche Kaution-skasse. One pays a yearly amount — like an insurance — but does not have to deposit any money on an account.

Second also yes, but see details here: We opened a joint account and just received our account numbers, IBAN, etc but not yet cards.

Just thinking ahead, is there a way to connect a direct debit to the credit card so it automatically debits from the main account at the end of the month so to not incur interest?

Is this feature already included? She can then also get her own cards and online access, but she will not be able to use your account as her own, e.

Transfers within the SEPA area and in Euro are credited to the account of the recipient the same or latest the next banking day.

Since Comdirect as a German direct bank does hardly run any own accounts at foreign banks, foreign banks transfers are generally processed via Commerzbank.

We cannot say anything on how it works abroad, because our specialty are German banks. We ourselves use for foreign transfers with a change of currency the service provider Transferwise , because the fees are often considerably lower.

The exchange rates are, anyway, and TransferWise is quick as well: Would that be something for you? If you do the transfer in PST and share the fees between sender and recipi-ent account, it depends on the transferred amount and the selected option for the fee payment.

With this option, the sender pays the Comdirect fee, and the recipient which in this particular case would be you as well pays the respective fees of their bank.

With this option, you as the sender pay all Comdirect fees as well as the fees of the cooperating service providers involved in this transfer. For amounts under EUR the fee is Another option that we ourselves use for foreign transfers with a change of currency is the service provider Transferwise.

Here, the fees are often considerably lower as are the exchange rates. Also, the TransferWise option is quick: It takes about one day for a transfer from Germany to the UK.

I have a question. I see lots of comments about people being rejected for the Comdirect online application. Does this mean my application got accepted after the credit check?

No chance of being rejected as long as I go to the post office and submit the post-ident forms? At this point of the process, you application is still pending.

First of all, thank you so much Gregor for creating such an amazing site and I really appreciate your work of helping people. Just sent the application and the PostIdent of comdirect today I live in Germany , hope I get the account and the cards within a few days.

I have a question about withdrawal money by using visa card outside EU zone. If I want to withdraw money in foreign currency outside EU zone, how the exchange rate will be applied?

Do I get to see the exchange rate on the screen of the ATM? I guess there is no withdrawal fee, however I am unsure about any additional fees which is applicable here.

If you withdraw cash from an ATM outside the Euro zone, the only costs that will usually show on that ATM is the fee of that particular bank.

The applied exchange rate is not shown on the ATM screen, but that you can check online, since it is the same that is used by Commerzbank on that particular day at 1 pm.

If yes, does Comdirect prepare a summary of the taxable amount? Your article helped me immensely when i opened a comdirect account for its prepaid credit card.

Now i am leaving Germany and want to close the account as i dont want any surprise charges after i leave Germany. What is the procedure to close the account?

I dont understand German so i am having trouble finding out this information. If you want to close your account, the best would probably be to do it with a letter by regular or registered mail.

In there, you simply state that you want to close your account, specify the account and sign it yourself. In case there is still some money on that account, you also need to state an account to which that money should be transferred.

Is there a possibility to set a recurring payment sepa landschrift? From the Girokonto online without the need to fill in paper forms?

Here money from another account is being debited. That does not work, because in Germany this is not a custom for private accounts.

If you mean recurring payments — i. Hi there, I am British and successfully opened a Comdirect account in February whilst visiting Germany using the Postident procedure.

I have a few questions: And can I move the money back to my girokonto? The simplest would of course be the Visa Prepaid Card.

This means that the giro account is debited with the invoice amount. In order facilitate that one states the IBAN.

A Prepaid Visa needs to be charged first. If one knows the way it is simple. Here is an instruction for you:. Log into the online banking, and on the first page you will find an overview of the accounts.

Here is an excerpt:. As a correction regarding question 1: The Girocard is usually not accepted for online payments.

Outside the Euro zone, with foreign currency, please use the Visa Card, with which that is free of charge. Earlier, I have asked a question, maybe missed.

I post it again, if you can clarify it for me: Or abroad if I am a non-German resident? With people who are subject to taxation in Germany, the tax is paid to the tax authorities automat-ically.

The account owner receives an annual statement about that. If you are not subject to taxation in Germany, please notify the bank of it, so that they do not pay any taxes on your behalf to the German tax authorities.

This is often taken care of in the course of the account opening, because then you need to state in which country you are taxable.

Depending on the country to which taxation you are subject, you have to declare interest income in your annual tax report. In order to do that, you can use the account statement at the end of the year, or probably also the annual interest statement.

Within the EU as well as rather many OECD states, banking customer information is being ex-change to promote tax honesty … it is therefore worthwhile to take care of this issue.

From Comdirect you get a German language statement regarding the incurred interest during spring of the following year. The exchange rate applied in the transactions was quite poor, approx 1.

Do you know if the exchange rates can be checked up beforehand anywhere? Can comdirect reimburse me for those fees as well? Comdirect does not reimburse third-party-fees anymore.

I am wondering, is there a faster or cheaper way to transfer the money and get a receipt? Like in my home country Ukraine I can do a transfer in cash in any bank for a fee, and get a receipt.

Comdirect to Commerzbank is arrives on the account the same day, next day latest. Im comdirect Girokonto sind zwei kostenlose Karten enthalten: So funktioniert giropay 1.

Notify me olly james followup comments via comdirect euro. Have fun discovering the Comdirect! Therefore, it is no debit card, but neither a revolving credit card.

In some European countries a credit card is not very helpful, the normal girocard with maestro is more useful. The six-figure PIN is used to log into the online banking.

March 24, at 4: Hallo sir, in related to the above question, sending money outside EU do you have a website which contains a list that i will be able to see how much will i pay when i send money from my account to.

Einfach per Smartphone bezahlen — mit Google Pay ewige tabelle champions league comdirect. Bargeld auszahlen in Filialen der Commerzbank.

Das Angebot der Online Bank umfasst jedoch mehr als nur das Depot. Das ist schon allerhand. Juni Consorsbank bietet Commerzbank Free Trades - 8.

Comdirect bietet eine Vielzahl an individuellen Depotarten. Die comdirect Trading App. Bis Ende Mai noch 1. Der Kunde sollte sich zudem registrieren.

Ist die Registrierung abgeschlossen, kann er den unterschriebenen Antrag mit Post Ident Coupon per Post an comdirect schicken.

Falls ihr euch darüber erst einmal einen Überblick verschaffen wollt, dann schaut in unseren Ratgeber zu kostenlosen Girokonten mit Prämie comdirect 100 euro. Was heißt cutie auf deutsch meinst dass alle oder die meisten neuen Kunden von Comdirect kommen via Dealdoktor? Vielleicht wird der Satz ein wenig deutlicher, wenn man ihn wie folgt in seine BEstandteile untergliedert:. Sollte nur eine ausländische Versandadresse vorliegen, muss der Gewinner eine alternative deutsche Versandadresse nach postalischer Anfrage durch comdirect benennen. Russland khl comdirect Girokonto sind zwei kostenlose Karten enthalten: Dieses kann ohne Vorankündigung und Nennung von Gründen stattfinden. Auch ohne monatlichen Geldeingang ist und bleibt das Konto kostenlos. Sportium casino online du nach die Prämie nach Monat erhalten? Schnäppchenfuchs verwendet Cookies, um dir einen besseren Service anbieten zu können. Unter 50 Euro erfolgt keine Auszahlung.

Comdirect 100 euro - your

In Ihrem Browser ist JavaScript deaktiviert. Habt ihr jetzt noch Fragen? Neukunde ist, wer in den letzten sechs Monaten vor Kontoeröffnung nicht bereits Kunde der comdirect bank AG war. Sofortkontoeröffnung Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung im Video. Dafür musstet ihr das Konto aber als euer Gehaltskonto führen, Aktivität vorweisen und und und. Durch die Nutzung unserer Dienste erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Die Apps zu Ihrem comdirect Manuel neuer ausfall — zukunftsweisend, mobil und praktisch. Das comdirect Girokonto eignet sich für alle, die ein kostenloses Li 2 mit lebenslanger Zufriedenheitsgarantie besitzen möchten. Bei der Wahl der befristeten Sonderprämie Euro muss die Kundenwerbung zwischen dem Der comdirect Bonus setzt sich aus zwei Komponenten zusammen: Hast du nach die Prämie nach Monat erhalten? Überweisungen und Daueraufträge sind inklusive.

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