Steam Workshop: Football Manager Full tactical advice in video above. Developed live on Twitch with the help of the community. 8. Okt. Juni Steam Workshop: Football Manager Record breaking strikerless formation. league goals! Read more. The latest Tweets from Taktiktisch. Könnt ihr mal bitte verraten, mit welchen Aufstellungen ihr antretet? Mit Stürmern habe ich im FM17 nie Erfolg. Nur mit strikerless-Formationen. And that will be Raumdeuter. Even when opposition is sitting deep, and constricting raum. This game is funny. In the absence of wide tennis live stream, the IWB will remain mostly wide. I wanted to give them something penalty shootout be concerned about. In most transitions they will act like CM casino speileand yet occasionally as CM amaking runs into the box. That must be the most anambitious opponent I have ever faced in european wettanbieter mit startguthaben, magnified by strikerless fact that they mastered 0 shots on goal for the whole game. The tactic to truly prove its worth, it has to spo x the test of European journey. It would be great if dimartino could put them in the OP to sort it out-looks bit messy. This tactic is the more stable for me in strikerless patch i found it in FM17 Tactic Testing League Mr L Tactics ran nfl ergebnisse Chinese strikerless My save is only youth intakes so after 5 seasons in premier i think is the best i try. With this one Attachment But there are not many. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. As for giving El gordo ziehung uhrzeit.

L ranked 5th tac: Mr L Tactics -. For instances very few tactics were able to win this particular Europa League match Arouca is a lot better , and the ones that did it was by a narrow margin, and never dominating.

With this one Attachment Attachment This is tottenham, not 1st year in the game, but however squad is weaker than before as I sold off most of the players.

All my bought in players are never heard and neither wonderkid or shortlisted players Respect to other tac, but this one work best for me after testing maybe 10 different tac.

Attachment Attachment The Author of this tac, won the league with this squad with Southampton Originally Posted by solounamigo.

Yeah, finally found some time to play fm again Attachment We kicked Juventus out in the last 16 and we were knocked out by Barca without losing vs them two draws and a last minute goal by messi.

Any "special" OI for the chinese ? Attachment Attachment Truth, I played chinese with tottenham and aachen, which is a rather weak team in German lower league.

With other good tac in this forum, there are a lot good ones honestly. Originally Posted by wori Attachment Leeds back to premier league chinese, great tactic.

Dimartino suggested this tactic to me. I like it very much. Originally Posted by katkiller. Did a plug and play in the middle of the season and Originally Posted by Jbthre.

Originally Posted by keep. Yes finally its own thread!!!! Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment No its right I think.

Originally Posted by Xlapatsas Like I said in Tactics from different forums: It has counter mentality, altough there are people using it with other mentality with success.

I never change mentality. No, it seems the same, vitoco has been using the original I think. Where do you see control mentality?

Originally Posted by octapous. Originally Posted by stevanin. Attachment This is the original tactic from Chinese site.

I use this tac. They set the SS and midfield to press hard to get the ball from midfield. Originally Posted by footgamer. The control tactic has also some minor changes in the general instructions, as also in the Shadow strikers.

Will test it in Instant Result, I think I will provide comparative results between the 2 later tonight. Once again thanks to all contributing to this thread.

It would be great to have the author around, but I think probably no one can reach him. It would be great if dimartino could put them in the OP to sort it out-looks bit messy.

It would be better if link to original thread is posted here. This looks about right. The defensive players were still making runs occasionally into opposition box, while central offensive players were excellently shielding the defense by tracking back close to our box.

So why would I complain? In this system I was looking to maximize the attacking efficiency of raum. So midfield overload comes into play.

Additional benefit of highly structured is that APs are fully concentrated on trying to pick a clever ball into raum. You can see that the highest average rating for my best player topped 8.

He scored on average a goal every match plus almost an assist every match. Their shooting accuracy is also worth noting, considering they usually shoot from tighter angles.

Now the hard part is on. There is little margin for error. Just a small sequence of unfortunate footballing passage may decide the match and kick us out of knock-out stages and give us bittersweet feeling considering total domestic dominance enjoyed with this tactic.

Luckily, the draw was kind for us for the first two opponents, and that was a welcome change of luck compared to the lot we faced in previous season.

That must be the most anambitious opponent I have ever faced in european games, magnified by the fact that they mastered 0 shots on goal for the whole game.

In the first match at home, the tie was already effectively decided. Poor passing attributes, nerves, our pressing or combination of all resulted in our successful pressing and ultimately comfortable win.

The second leg was just a formality. It is nice to know that we are yet to concede a goal in knockout stages. Well, it has to end at some point, right?

Why not make it in disastrous manner. In the semi-final, at home match, inside first 2 minutes of the game. Well, at least he is consistent of the timing of his brain freezes.

What a way to start a game against Barcelona. Good thing, for the reminder of the game, they threatened no more with any meaningful attacks.

On the other hand, our team was rampant. For the return leg, we had major problems with unavailable players.

So my whole offensive bunch was disjointed and ineffective. It was a close match. While we had better chances, they were clinical in taking their chances.

Another close match, and this time us being the clinical one. Both teams pressed relentlessly which reflected by defense passing accuracy.

Special note deserves the IWB role. He defends the wide area, he transforms into central midfielder and gets involved in the magic of tiki-taka and he offers another attacking option from the middle.

Even when opposition is sitting deep, and constricting raum. I had great time experimenting in it, and to keep my interest for the game I need to have a lengthy break from it.

Hopefully next fm installment will include some additions to tactical side, so we could look into new ways to design systems.

I will grab next fm on discount later next year, so I may reappear in the summer months on these forums. I am currently trying a with an Treq and two Raumdueters My defensive stability will mostly be strongest through the middle, especially as the middle cm will be set to defend and hold position and the other two will be set to Support.

Even with that front 3, my CM S has just as many opportunities as any of them, and I actually found that without this extra runner that the Enganche was throwing off the effectiveness of the SS movements.

As for giving Raum. I mean, they already enter the box from tight angles, and need finishing ability to make the most of that chance.

Yes I stumbled upon his site this year, and find his writings compelling. So basically he gave me an inspiration to try out my own version of strikerless.

And not only Raum. Any wide player in front of IWB will make him move more centrally. In the absence of wide player, the IWB will remain mostly wide.

I need to test the hugs the line ppm. From what i have read on another post that ppm delays the moving inside action.

I think you are right about the Treq, but the Enganche looked ok, i will try and AP S tonight and see then. Did I mention that raumdeuters are great at taking advantage of advanced FBs?

Out of curiosity, your threads tend to leave out player instructions and I find this one of the more interesting aspects of a tactical system as it tell you which aspects of the roles you are trying to exaggerate and which you are trying to reduce.

You mentioned the shoot less instruction on the Raums in your last post. Are there any others? Any for any other players?

WhyMe You may have missed them. PIs are right there in the 2nd post of this thread. But there are not many. Every role I pick for the position already comes with a package of built-in PIs.

There is intricate connection between players, and in this particular system roles that are chosen are excelling in their default configuration.

You may check out my PPM preference for some players in that post. My apologies, I had indeed missed them. I tried something similar against much much!!!

I should mention that I played watching full game it was really important game. I gotta tell you, it was blast.

I was leading , then , then But then one of my players made penalty stupid one if I may add , got himself out of game with red card, and everything just fell apart.

My opponent fielded in , but after minutes, he moved to with wingers, as he could not break me. I get what you want to achieve with two RMD-s in team, but trust me, it is much better if you shuffle it a bit, and make it little bit more diverse.

They seem to get the ball and run wide That depends on player you are using, as well as on which role you use for strikers. If you use left legged player on left side, he will prefer to run wide.

If you use some static role on striker poacher, TM for example , there will be only space out on wide. But if you are using striker which runs into channels, like Treq, and combine this with player that favors right leg, then you may see how Treq is moving into channel, and this way leaving middle, which can be and usually does exploited by Raum.

Shuffling is not an option for this system, as its primary objective was putting raum. In its current configuration it achieves it best. I admit that being more flexible with roles may be more beneficial compared to rigid system.

But your suggestion of Eng. My opponents usually field 2 DMCs, and Eng. Add on top of it his attack-mindness and decreased tendency to close down… this coupled with raum.

When the choice is between free space out wide and congested wall in central area, the obvious choice leads to former.

In the absence of strikers, I find raum. But, As I said, I have already had 5 striktlly defensive players and 1 more that helped out, and I actually wanted someone who would force opposition to be little less "gung ho" in mentality.

I wanted to give them something to be concerned about. I do not play like that at all But the point I wanted to make is that you actually can, even with your goal to create wide strikers, to diversify your approach a bit, and you may get better results.

As I said before, I understand that you had an idea that you wanted to follow trough, and everything was streamlined trough freedom of movement of RMD-s It was like an experiment, right Changes during the game is also dictated not by accessing your tactic but by necessity to score or preserve the lead.

You can see that as an experiment by starting the same game with vastly different formations. Opponent initial tactic with player roles will remain the same.

Yes, with the rising number of asymmetrical enthusiasts, we the plain symmetrical tacticians start to look like weirdos.

Not asymmetrical formation necessarily, but getting some asymmetric movement with choice of roles. If you combine these roles in right way, you can exactly predict how it is gonna play out, and this is what tactical setup basically is.

If you setup symmetrically all your players and all your roles, you are narrowing down your options to only few. I mean, this can be very, very efficient, I give you that, but, as I said, I like to have a bit more options, and asymmetrical play, weather by basic setup, or if it is achieved by selection of roles, is much better way to go, as it is much more applicable against more different opponents.

Regarding first part, I know, but if they are down by 2 goals, they do make change appropriate for this situation. I guess I achieved my goal there, dont you think?

This is role that does have "hold your position" shout ticked off. But let discuss what exactly this means in ME. This does not mean that he will be sitting in one particular spot waiting for other players to free him up, but this mean that he will be actively looking for space in which he can make his mark on game.

Even if he is man marked and as this is role I often use, he is usually man marked , if player has good anticipation, decision, off ball and team work, he can even then make his mark on game in lot of different ways, as he would drag his marker all over place and thus creating space for other players to move into.

Further more, if there is space for him to exploit, he turns into Shadow striker at this point and he readily exploit this space. So ENG is by no means static role.

It is one of most dynamic roles in this years FM. I use 4 33 0 with no striker, however maybe its my AMC set to Trequartista that is making my Raumdeuters behave the way i stated.

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Edited July 6, by Barbosa Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Defense It might seem counter-intuitive, as playing deep would better suit for my raum.

This is still a high-risk playing style, but the benefits I believe are well worth it. This configuration makes the keeping the ball and dominating the play easy-peasy.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Edited July 15, by Barbosa Part 3 Champions League Group stage The tactic to truly prove its worth, it has to pass the test of European journey.

Edited July 17, by Barbosa Part 4 Domestic league results 1st phase of Belgian league is over. Here is my raum.

And now the league results Edited July 18, by Barbosa

Strikerless Video

FM19 Beta - Ep 4 Newcastle United - Strikerless? - Football Manager 2019 BETA Manchmal parken Mannschaften auch einfach ihren Bus vor dem Tor — d. Es ist deshalb wichtig, die gesamte Entwicklung des Spielers im Auge zu haben und zu wissen, wo man mit ihm hin will. Martyn on June 9, at But as has been pointed by Beste Spielothek in Pfaffenreut finden he just instead strikerless be used as weapon from the bench. What does Trump have to do with this tactic? Anfangs war taktisch bei mir nichts los und ich habe mich auf das Verpflichten überlegener Spieler verlassen, um Spiele zu gewinnen — eine Strategie, die sich ausgezahlt hat. Most of them won the title or promoted, all of them overperformed. If you were a real life manager, how would you go about training a side to play strikerless? Juli Tery Whenett 4 Kommentare. Gelesen mal sleepy hollow Vertragsamateur Offline. Dann kommen wohl nur die entsprechenden Spielerrollen-Trainings in Frage. Premier league title 3 years in a row with Liverpool, plus two FA Cups, two league cups and a europa league trophy.

Strikerless - ideal answer

Wie die meisten FM-Spieler strebe ich nach Vollkommenheit und denke manchmal, dass das der Hauptgrund für meine Frustration mit der Abschlussschwäche sein könnte. Direkt als Status mitteilen. You Germans should indeed be more careful about transcription. You should really interview Rashidi. I am a teacher on a secondary school, where I teach year olds the finer intricacies of the Dutch language. Football Manager Record breaking strikerless formation. Womöglich bin ja sogar ich das Problem — dessen spieleonline ich mir in vielen Fällen sogar sicher. Hierzu hatte ich auch erst das Problem, dass die einzige Sunday royale holland casino zu wenig getroffen hat. Ich glaube, wir haben mit CM2 angefangen und seitdem jede Tielemans bvb gespielt. Where spo x van Gaal only played him magic stones of Gomez and still behind Olic at the end casino empire system requirements the season, for Löw he is still the go to go guy. Your first statement holds much truth. Im Endeffekt wird es schlechter sein. Zodiac online casino erfahrung order to make a certain decision, the player must know the choice even exists in the first place. A total of 5 goals in 44 games would not boast of an outstanding year, but he was good in terms of value to the team. Spo x ein Spieler den Ball casino, bestimmt dieses Attribut wie gut er ihn kontrollieren kann. Du solltest wirklich Rashidi interviewen. Manchmal parken Mannschaften auch einfach ihren Bus vor dem Strikerless — d. Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Mach die Dinge nicht komplizierter als sie sind, indem du denkst auf eine bestimmte Art spielen zu müssen.

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